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     2013 Art Contest

Student Art Winners for 2013 NJOMA Theme
JOM.....A River of Many Nations

First Place: Chevonne Etsitty, Shiprock, NM
The art takes things that I like about rivers. It refers back to the theme, "River of Many Nations". This meant that a river was shared with others of different ethnic groups. The feather shows that I'm Native American. When I see the veins of the feather, it reminds me of rivers when you look at them from above. And these connect with the round earth beside it with a ll the rivers. As you can see the feathers bottom tip turns into a waterfall. On the sides of the waterfall it shows the different currents and water flows. At the far left of the paper shows the layer of a river. At the right top corner you can see the lines that go from light to dark which shows the different times of day that the river flow. You can also see the letters JOM. In the M, shows how when it rains the drops join the river. The fish outside of the M shows the people of the water. In the J, it has Native American symbol that symbolizes trees reflecting in the water. All the colors on the art symbolize how water reflects different colors as it flows.

Second Place: Aurora Villiard, Cloquet, MN
I thought for a long time how to interpret "JOM ...A River of Many Nations" without actually incorporating the text. I did some research on the Johnson O'Malley Association and found information on the Act that was passed on April 16, 1934. The Act consists of five sections, so I divided the paper with rivers to clarify five distinct sections - parts. I drew symbols for each section: the medicine bag represents the hospitals and medical services provided for Indians; the archer symbolizes strength, direction, and stability; the talking stick denotes gatherings, drawing hands together and unity: the pipe indicate decision-making and sharing; the drum signifies peace, dance, collaboration and rhythm.

Honorable Mention: Emily Thompson,  Sapulpa, OK

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